The Laser Projector

  • AVANZA Corporation, a global digital projection company specialized in Laser Projection technology, designs and manufactures high-brightness laser projectors for various applications like conference, exhibition, events, digital signage, control room and simulation.

  • With its new generation of Laser Projection (Speckle Free?) technology, AVANZA redefined high-brightness projectors. Its GreenOmni series projectors (5,000lm to 10,000lm) have such unique features as 720 degree free installation, speckle free, wide color gamut, significantly low TCO, and allow up to 20,000-30,000 hours life time.

  • Launch of AVANZA? GreenOmniTM series announces the arrival of a new era of High Brightness projectors. AVANZA brings disruptive innovations beyond expectation and offers incomparable visual experience to customers. AVANZA is one of the world's leading brands in laser projection products and solutions.

AVANZA in A&V Industry

Position of our Products

l  The brand gained both FDA first class and IEC first class laser safety accreditation

l   The product that gained Plateau certification.

l   Can perfectly display passive 3D movies.

l   AVANZA  Laser projectors designed and manufactured in accordance with concept of industrial 4.0

l   Besides over 100 international patents, trademark, copyright, we also gained more than 50 Chinese patents.

l   The products have been applied in thousands of projects around the world, covering numerous industrial applications, including VR/AR,exhibitions, command&control, meeting&training, cinema&theater,broadcasting & TV, data visualization, theme parks and so on.

     Our Mission/ Prospect

l   Aims to provide the customers with great products and integrated solutions, brings you subversive products that beyond your imagination

l   Aims to be the global leader of audiovisual industry in 21st century

l   AVANZA brand herself as the world’s top brand in digital laser projection products and solutions

l   Devoted to own the largest market share

l   A rising star in the world’s projection industry

l   Yesterday: an excellent technology company ; Today: aprominent product company; Tomorrow: agreat solution company

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